Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lets go underground!

Another proposal from the Canberra Times for a rapid transit network in the ACT, this time its an article proposing an underground rapid transit network in Canberra. What an excellent idea! I look forward to liaising with the ACT Underground Railway supporters in the future. 

From the article:"To date, many have proposed a light rail (above ground) transport network for Canberra, but it is also worth considering a metro (underground) network. It may not be realised until well into the future - 170 years after the establishment of our city, as in the case of Washington, places its completion in Canberra in about 2080! The Canberra Metro could consist of several lines crossing and circling the city connecting the residential areas with town centres, destinations of employment like Russell, Parliament, and with major sporting and tourist attractions."
The authors discuss how a similar system in Washington has acted as a unifying force for that city, and that Canberra could achieve similar benefits with an underground metro system.
The map accompanying the CT article. If the authors proposed network was actually built underground, thats a whole lot of digging. 
While it is always encouraging to see people put forward proposals to improve public transport patronage, ACT Light Rail don't believe that this proposal is serious. The wide existing transport corridors that link towns in Canberra are an obvious place to build above ground light rail at a reasonable cost. 
Read the full article online here: Putting Capital on right track "As we approach the 2013 centenary, KATRINA SCOUGALL andDAVID FLANNERY argue that Washington DC offers a model of how Canberra could sit better in the national consciousness and a unifying project for the people who live here"