Sunday, March 25, 2012

An ACTION users blog - 100 days of ACTION

With the recent investment into the bus system in Canberra, it would be useful to know how the average passenger finds using the system.

An enterprising Canberran has decided to start a blog chronicling their trips on our public transport network, and how it impact on their life. It is called '100 days of ACTION'.

From their first post:

The ACT Government would like more Canberrans to use public transport. It’s a noble goal, and I fully support it. But there’s a small issue - public transport in Canberra sucks. Or does it?
I’m putting Action to the test! Over 100 days, we will see whether Action buses are more likely to be on time rather than broken down or extremely late. We’ll see whether I make it to work or meetings or training or social events on time or even at all. 
And over these 100 days, I’ll also provide some insights into the wonderful world that is Canberra via public transport. 
Good luck, Action, and I hope we can find a bright future for public transport in Canberra.

It should be interesting and I will follow it (note - ACT Light rail have ZERO, NADA, NO involvement with the blog or blogger).

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