Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Support for light rail at 68.5% on Gungahlin to Civic corridor

People want light rail. The many methods the government are using to make it look unpopular, like rigging survey questions, still arent working on reducing public support.

Read the ABC local news story here
Read the actual survey results here (in PDF form)

The ACT Government recently engaged a consultant to contact 1000 homes and determine the level of support for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) or Light Rail Transit (LRT) on the Gungahlin to Civic corridor.

The results were startlingly clear - 68.5% pro Light Rail v 24.3% pro bus. 

This reflects the sort of PATRONAGE that each system would also attract.

The consultant then put the skewed inflated costs (now being proven as over-inflated) of light rail and the deliberately lowered BRT costs (by leaving the actual costs of BRT buses out of the costs) and the results were  evenly split.

Of course, while ACT Light Rail are pleased at the support of nearly two thirds of people for light rail, it should be remembered that this survey lacks credibility, drawing upon faulty and flawed costings forming the basis of questions put to respondents.

The real message that Minister Corbell should take from this survey is this: Skimp on public transport by going BRT and we will be back here in 20 years going through this again.

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