Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gungahlin's transport links : a report from 1991

ACT Light Rail have been asked to speak at the Gungahlin Community Council public forum tonight. This seems to be an opportune time to post the executive summary from the 1991 report into Gungahlin transport requirements.

Gungahlin's transport links : a report of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Australian Capital Territory

1. (a) bus services be introduced into Gungahlin as soon as the first neighbourhoods are occupied; 
(b) intertown express services be introduced between Gungahlin and Belconnen, and Gungahlin and Civic as soon as demand exists; 
(c) a conveniently located bus interchange be established in Gungahlin at the first opportunity; and 
(d) a detailed strategy of measures to encourage the use of public transport and other non-car modes of transport, such as those described in paragraph 3.4, be developed and implemented as soon as Gungahlin's first neighbourhoods are occupied; 

2. (a) the NCPA and the ACT Planning Authority jointly commission or conduct a study into the establishment of a rapid transport system in the Australian Capital Territory. 
(b) to maximise the potential advantages of a new technology rapid transport system, including the possibility of reducing the need for additional road space to cater for the travel needs of the future residents of Gungahlin, this study should be completed and its findings released before the Commonwealth and Territory Governments commit themselves to the construction of any new roads to or from Gungahlin; and 
(c) in the interim a reservation be made between Civic and Gungahlin to allow for the construction of a rapid transport system; 

3. (a) the Commonwealth and Territory Governments jointly and separately (where appropriate) develop and implement the measures described in paragraph 4.4 - such as limiting employment growth in Civic - to limit the number of vehicles travelling between Gungahlin and Civic or other southern destinations; and. 
(b) the Commonwealth Government's log term strategy for office location be amended to give priority to the development of additional office space in Gungahlin as well as in Tuggeranong and Belconnen; 

4. William Slim Drive between the Barton Highway and Ginninderra Drive be upgraded; 

5. (a) provision not be made in the National Capital Plan for a John Dedman East road; and 
(b) the Bruce Ridge - O'Connor Hills area be given legislative protection to preserve its ecological, recreational and educational values; 

6. (a) a detailed environmental impact assessment be made of the John Dedman Community Option and John Dedman West alignments; 
(b) in conjunction with the assessment, a broader study of the present and future parking and traffic management needs in the area of the AIS be conducted jointly by the ACT Planning Authority and the NCPA. 

7. (a) provision be made in the National Capital Plan for a Majura Parkway; 
(b) a detailed alignment study be conducted to minimise any impact on existing leases in the Majura Valley, for example by following the line of the existing Majura Lane; 
(c) a detailed environmental impact assessment of the Parkway be made; 
(d) the ACT Governnment investigate the immediate introduction of noise abatement measures along Fairbairn Avenue; 

8. (a) Monash Drive not be constructed. However the road reservation should be retained in the National Capital Plan until it is clear that a severe disruption to the amenity of North Canberra can be avoided by the increased use of public transport and by the effective operation of the peripheral roads; and 
(b) the Mount Majura - Mount Ainslie area be given legislative protection to preserve its ecological, recreational and educational values. 

9. (a) the proposed extension to Ginninderra Drive not proceed but that, to minimise the level of through traffic in Lyneham and O'Connor, Mouat Street be widened and traffic management and calming techniques be introduced in the area; 
(b) the implementation of these measures not be deferred until the expected increase in traffic from Gungahlin occurs, but commence immediately so that the already high levels of through traffic are reduced; and 
(c) the ACT Planning Authority conduct a comprehensive study of all North Canberra suburbs to identify particular streets that warrant the introduction of traffic management and calming techniques; 

9. (a) the joint NCPA and ACT Planning Authority study of the area south of Mitchell and between the Federal and Barton Highways commence immediately, and. 
(b) the study assess the usefulness of a highway link road and determine a road alignment which would effectively link the two highways with the Majura Valley corridor so as to encourage commercial and other through traffic to divert to the peripheral arterial roads and by-pass North Canberra.

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