Monday, October 29, 2012

ACT Light Rail calls on Greens to stick to their election committments

Mr Ian Ruecroft, ACT Light Rail Deputy Chair, said today that with the composition of the ACT Legislative Assembly now known, construction of Canberra’s first Light Rail route is now a highly realistic expectation, that would please not just Gungahlin residents but all Canberrans. 

He went on to say “ACT Light Rail call on the ACT Greens to ensure that the priority placed on their light rail policies in the lead up to the recent Assembly election, is carried over to the decision making when deciding who to support for the next four years.”

“The major policy commitment that the ACT Greens made of an investment of $200 million towards the building of a light rail system, should be instrumental in determining which side of politics ultimately governs the territory” stated Mr Ruecroft.

Both ACT Labor and ACT Greens made positive commitments to Light Rail during the election campaign. Whilst the ACT Liberals have indicated that they may have some reservations, opposition leader Mr. Zed Seselja was quoted as stating, “We’ve never ruled out light rail”, in the Canberra Times on the day after the election.

“This election has now has demonstrated there is genuine political, community and business support for Light Rail. It provides major infrastructure investment working towards a sustainable future for the Territory with a robust public transport vision”, continued Mr. Ruecroft

“We urge Mr. Rattenbury to remain true and steadfast in the ACT Greens commitment to implementation of their light rail policy as a mandatory condition of support during his negotiations with both parties” concluded Mr. Ruecroft.

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