Saturday, February 9, 2013

All these buses = one light rail vehicle

I took this photo in Lathlain St, initially as it demonstrated the problem of 'Bus bunching' which bedevils public transport networks, but it then struck me that the capacity of these four buses would be the equivalent of one light rail vehicle. The difference being that only one driver would be required for that light rail vehicle. 

The 2004 'Sustainable Transport Plan' dismissed light rail as it was based on 77 passenger light rail vehicles. More recent ACT studies have more sensibly looked at contemporary light rail vehicles, both articulated and multi-vehicle (that is coupled vehicles). These have greater passenger capacity, which is required if light rail is to serve as the mass-transit backbone for the ACT.  

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  1. Yeah .... but ...
    4 buses going to 4 different destinations. How would 1 light rail vehicle deliver those passengers to those 4 different destinations?