Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Capital Metro - First link to cost $614 million

Minister Simon Corbell and ESD Capital metro acting project Director Glenn Bain have been subjected to questioning on Capital Metro costs in an Assembly estimates committee hearing.

Out of the questioning a few key pieces of information have emerged:
  • The total cost of the Capital Metro program will be $614 million
  • $200 million has been set aside to relocate utilities along Northbourne Avenue (the UBS report said 3-4% of project cost)
  • $54.5 million for trackwork (teh ABC says $100 million).
  • $27 million for stations
  • $11 million for each vehicle (the ABC says a dozen vehicles will cost $55 million)
  • $7 million for annual operating costs
  • A park and Ride may be built in Mtchell
  • A light rail/bus interchange could be built where  the Dickson Motor Vehicle registry is located.
  • An engineering study has been completed.
When Hansard is available I will correct the figures. 

It is fortunate that the Opposition has been able to elicit this information. ACT Light Rail met with Glenn Bain some time ago and advised that the government needed a communications strategy to keep the Canberra public informed on progress.

The media have reported this here at the Canberra Times and ABC News online.

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Corbell updates Canberra on Capital Metro progress

Minister Corbell has released a media statement on Capital Metro progress:

Work to establish light rail in Canberra and transform the city’s public transport network is on track, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell said today.

“The recruitment process for the critical role of Project Director to lead the new Capital Metro Agency, and for a Project Board Chair, will commence in the coming weeks,” Mr Corbell said.

“Coordination of research for a property strategy for the light rail corridor is already underway. The urban redevelopment of this corridor will be transformative, providing a stimulus and confidence in the market for development and growth."

“Opportunities to increase residential and commercial intensities along the corridor on Northbourne Avenue are being investigated. Options being looked at include public housing redevelopments and the Dickson Group Centre.“

The redevelopment of land currently occupied by EPIC and Thoroughbred Park, and the relocation of these facilities, is another option also being considered.

“The $330,000 Network Integration Study has also commenced, which investigates options for stations and stops, and the way in which the light rail service would run in relation to existing modes of personal and public transport,” he said.

Funding allocated in this year’s budget for the Capital Metro light rail project includes:
  • $5 million for preliminary design studies
  • $12.3 million for the establishment of the Capital Metro Agency; and,
  • $1.4 million for a master planning process (which will investigate and identify issues for a future Canberra-wide light rail network)
“Immediate priorities for the Capital Metro Agency include developing procurement and financing options for the light rail infrastructure and operations.  As part of this process, the market place will be approached once an appropriate level of information is developed,” Mr Corbell said.

“Capital Metro is a unique infrastructure project that will provide a template for growth and transport options in Canberra for years to come.”

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