Thursday, October 24, 2013

Capital Metro Integration Study - Public displays

Capital Metro Integration Study Public displays
Capital Metro staff will be conducting public information sessions at the following locations: 

Thursday 24 October
Civic Bus Interchange (near Platforms 3 and 4)

Friday 25 October 2013
Gungahlin Marketplace (outside Big W)

Saturday 26 October 2013
Dickson Library

Alternatively you can provide your views on the issues being considered via an online survey
The Light Rail Integration Study is currently underway to identify and assess options for integrating the Gungahlin to City Light Rail Transit (LRT) into Canberra’s overall transport network. This includes the ACTION bus network, the bicycle path network and the pedestrian path network. Options for Bike & Ride, Kiss & Ride, and Park & Ride locations along the LRT route will also be taken into consideration.
Potential LRT stop locations will be assessed in terms of integration with the overall transport system, and the accessibility they provide to the population, employment and other attractions in surrounding areas. The design of LRT stops, and particularly features to promote usage and support transfers from bus and car to LRT, will also be investigated. The correct balance needs to be established between the spacing of LRT stops and the overall speed of the LRT. More stops, at closer spacing, will provide better access to the LRT from surrounding areas. However, as the number of stops increases the overall speed of the LRT reduces.
Options for changes to ACTION’s bus network to integrate with the LRT will be assessed. The objectives will be to improve overall efficiency while maximising public transport patronage.
The Light Rail Integration Study will help us ensure the Gungahlin to City transit corridor is effectively designed to encourage the ACT community to use LRT and that LRT successfully integrates with other means of transport.

(taken from the Capital Metro website)

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