Thursday, June 5, 2014

Light rail needs to go further

A media release from the Canberra Convention Bureau supporting the Capital Metro line, but recommending that the initial phase extend beyond City Hill, was issued today.

The Canberra Convention Bureau recommends that stage one of the Capital Metro Project does not terminate at Alinga Street but extends to the far side of the city near City Hill.

“The Capital Metro Project is a major infrastructure development for the city and it is important to get the first stage right” said Robyn Hendry CEO of the Canberra Convention Bureau.

“Over 40 per cent of Canberra’s hotel accommodation is located along Northbourne Avenue and this is set to increase in the next two years. Additionally, a significant proportion of hotel accommodation is located in close proximity to London Circuit” she went on to say. “The suggested extension to stage one would better serve the city by circulating around London Circuit, and would then serve major business infrastructure such as the existing convention centre”.

“Furthermore, the Australia Forum site has now been confirmed for the City Hill site (in the South East quadrant of London Circuit facing the City Hill Park) and this proposed development also includes another 400-room hotel” she went on to say.

“Given the location of accommodation and venues, and recognising that business visitors attend meetings in and around the city, and eventually at the Australia Forum, if the termination point for stage one remains at Alinga Street business visitors will continue to rely on taxi services to attend meetings on the southern side of the city”.

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