Wednesday, September 17, 2014

ACT Business leaders express confidence and support in Capital Metro light rail

Many of the news reports following the announcement of the Governments decision to proceed with Capital Metro, have focussed on the reactions of business to the news.

With 3500 predicted jobs created as a result, is it any wonder business is supporting the project.

ABC Canberra report on positive business reaction, with endorsement from peak business body

WIN Canberra on positive business reaction with comment from Emma Thomas of Capital Metro on job creation

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Capital Metro light rail wins tick from Infrastructure Partnerships Australia

Tucked away at the bottom of an ABC Online news article is this important news:

(Note this is 'Infrastructure Partnerships Australia' (a peak body) not Infrastructure Australia (the government body). )

Light rail wins tick from Infrastructure Australia

The country's peak infrastructure body has also offered its support for the project, pointing to the successes of similar proposals in other states.
Infrastructure Australia chief executive Brendan Lyon said it was a good time to be buying infrastructure, as strong competition could drive down the cost.
"This is really setting up for a very good result in terms of price and a very good result in terms of the type of technological advances that Canberra might see," he said.
Mr Lyon said the project would however test Canberra's bureaucracy.
"The ACT Government does not have a tradition of delivering major civil infrastructure projects using private financing. That is going to test the bureaucracy in Canberra," he said.

The project is currently listed on Infrastructure Australia's Potential PPP Projects webpage. 

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Capital Metro fly through - a video trip along the light rail route

Capital Metro have created this stunning animation of a trip along the Civic to Gungahlin light rail route. It is from the perspective of 'flying along and above the line'.

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ACT Government endorse Capital Metro business case - it will be built!

Today over 250 industry representatives attended the Capital Metro Industry Briefing, where MLA Simon Corbell, Minister for the Capital Metro Agency, announced that cabinet had approved the Capital Metro business case, and that the light rail project would proceed. It was widely expected news, and provides a major boost to Canberra's public transport sector, and construction and property sectors. 

How much will it cost?

The estimated cost of the project is $610 million with a $173 million contingency, a total cost of $783 million. 

How it will be built

The government have decided to use a Public Private Partnership to build and operate the light rail system, and will call for Expressions of Interest on 31 Oct 2014. The full Capital Metro business case will be released to the public, and prospective PPP partners. 

The approach taken for construction and operation will be a bundled PPP, with a 20 year concession. There will be no ACT Government financial contribution during the construction phase, although they reserve the right to make a financial contribution following that, to reduce debt for example. 

How it will be paid for

The project will be paid for through the value uplift associated with Transit Oriented Development, recycling of assets (such as the sale of ACT TAB and the sale of surface car parks) and transport related efficiencies.  

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Gungahlin Light Rail Community forum a tremendous success

The Gungahlin Community Council and Canberra Loves 40% jointly hosted a community forum on Monday 8 Sep 2014, where members of the community could come together and speak to planning and transport experts, and representatives from Capital Metro, about the light rail line from Civic to Gungahlin. It gave the community the opportunity to have input into some design aspects, and from their experiences, offer suggestions and solutions. 

ABC news covered the event

As did WIN Canberra
It was a valuable opportunity for members of the community to speak directly to Capital Metro and other ACT Government officials on the impact of light rail and how it may affect their community. The day began with presentations from Capital Metro and other light rail and planning experts, and after lunch attendees participated in a Design Workshop, giving residents the opportunity to ask questions, and offer advice about quite specific parts of the proposed route. This outstanding example of community driven consultation will ensure that the delivered product will meet current and future needs. 

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