Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Capital Metro light rail wins tick from Infrastructure Partnerships Australia

Tucked away at the bottom of an ABC Online news article is this important news:

(Note this is 'Infrastructure Partnerships Australia' (a peak body) not Infrastructure Australia (the government body). )

Light rail wins tick from Infrastructure Australia

The country's peak infrastructure body has also offered its support for the project, pointing to the successes of similar proposals in other states.
Infrastructure Australia chief executive Brendan Lyon said it was a good time to be buying infrastructure, as strong competition could drive down the cost.
"This is really setting up for a very good result in terms of price and a very good result in terms of the type of technological advances that Canberra might see," he said.
Mr Lyon said the project would however test Canberra's bureaucracy.
"The ACT Government does not have a tradition of delivering major civil infrastructure projects using private financing. That is going to test the bureaucracy in Canberra," he said.

The project is currently listed on Infrastructure Australia's Potential PPP Projects webpage. 

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