Friday, October 31, 2014

Capital Metro Business Case released

The full business case for the Capital Metro light rail project was released on 31 October by the Chief Minister, at the Gallery of Australian Design in Kingston. Along with the Business Case, the EOI for prospective tenderers was also made available. 

The Expression of Interest documents are available from the ACT Government.
Chief Minister Katy Gallagher at the Gallery of Australian Design, releasing the Capital metro Business Case. (ABC Photo)

ABC Canberra have a good report of the Business Case release online here.

Canberra Times coverage of the Chief Ministers release of the Business Case.

"ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher said at a press conference on Friday the project would deliver a return of $1.20 for every $1 spent, a figure she said was produced using analysis from Ernest and Young."

"This affordable project will deliver huge economic benefits to our city - with analysis from expert consultants showing $1 billion in benefits," Ms Gallagher said.

"The project would create 3500 jobs for the ACT "in the construction phase alone".
Ms Gallagher also used the event to pitch the project to overseas investors."

"Construction on the $783 million, 12 kilometre light rail line from the city is planned to start before the 2016 ACT election."

Consortiums have until 19 December 2014 to submit bids. In todays Canberra Times, there is a story showing that two firms have already established offices in Canberra to support their bids, and possible future work. 

By releasing the full set of documents relating to the project, the ACT Government is demonstrating transparency with the ACT public. This will allow people to read the evidence and understand the reasons behind the need for a modal shift away from buses as the ACT's primary mode of public transport, and to light rail as the backbone of a mass transit system, that an integrated bus system can link to. 

Capital Metro is an investment in our future. The government estimates that there will a return of $1.20 for every dollar spent on Capital Metro. Importantly, light rail will allow our city to grow without experiencing the congestion that other capital cities in Australia experience. 

ACT Light Rail have been lobbying for this type of vision for over a decade. We support the project and applaud this Government for the political courage it is showing by persevering with its vision, despite facing some tough challenges in other areas of government. 

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