Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Chief Minister confirms Russell extension light rail planning

screen shot of FB Q&A

ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher held a question and answer session on Facebook on October 7 2014. ACT Light Rail Chair, Damien Haas, asked several questions including one specifically related to rumours ACT Light Rail keep hearing about an extension of Stage One of Capital Metro to Russell from Civic. 

His question:

D.c. Haas: How serious are plans to extend the first stage of Capital Metro light rail along Constitution Avenue to Russell?

The Chief Ministers response:

Katy Gallagher MLA: Hello again D.c. Haas. The government is considering the option of extending stage one of Canberra’s light rail network through to Constitution Avenue and Russell. Preliminary analysis on the possible extension is underway.

It is good that this has been confirmed. We believe two possible routes through Civic have been modelled. One through City Walk to Constitution Avenue, the other around Vernon Circle. We are told Jarrett Walker favours the Vernon Circle model. The light rail would terminate near the statue. 

Extending Stage One to Russell is a very sound idea. Paid parking has now been introduced, leading to greater demand on public transport. It is important to build light rail from where people live to where they work. 

It would also be a simple task to extend from Russell to the Airport in the future (perhaps the Airport owners may even pay for that stage), or even across the lake along Kings Avenue. 

ACT Light Rail support this extension proposal. 

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