Monday, November 17, 2014

A review of Canberra traffic from 1962

This 1962 traffic survey of Canberra has just been located. It is a fascinating insight into the future that transport professionals saw, at that time, over 50 years ago. 

W. Morison
B.E., Dip.T.P., Traffic Engineer, National Capital Development Commission, Canberra

paper No. 46

"It outlines the 1961 population and employment structure and vehicle ownership of Canberra before briefly describing a comprehensive origin destination survey conducted in 1961 as the first stage of a transportation study and report for the National Capital.
Total trip generation is discussed for Canberra as well as for some suburbs more closely studied. Generated traffic is related to population all day employment; 1961 parking generation also is related to floor space all day employment. The paper discusses some of the future implications of Canberra's expansion, its road planning and traffic needs, and concludes by noting the possibility of some pure research projects being based on the 1961 origin-destination survey."

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