Friday, June 5, 2015

Canberra Liberal 2015 Budget Reply - they don't like light rail and their math is wrong

MLA Jeremy Hanson, Canberra Liberals Opposition Leader, told the ACT Legislative Assembly in his budget reply speech on Thursday that it was unfair to make the community pay for a light rail system that 'will be used by only 3 per cent of the population'.

"Mr Barr, I say to you now, and I will keep saying every day until the election, the people of Canberra do not want your light rail," he said.

"They do not want your rates rises. They do not want an agenda for the few paid for by the many.

"It's a direction that hits every single person in this Territory to pay for a light rail system that will be used by 3 per cent of the population."

Mr Hanson's estimate is a mantra he oft repeats, although it is wrong. Analysis based on 2011 Census data shows the population of Canberra along the Gungahlin to Civc light rail route, living within 1 kilometre is 7%. That figure excludes the population of Campbell and Reid, that the proposed Russell extension would travel through.

Read the ABC Online article here.

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