Saturday, July 11, 2015

Canberra Liberals survey on light rail

The Canberra Liberals have a survey online, using an interesting URL:

It sends you to a simple survey with an interesting first question.
After answering the detailed one question survey, you are presented with this inaccurate information. 
I am sure it's not deliberate but the Canberra liberals are wrong. The population within 1 kilometre of the corridor of Capital Metro Stage One is actually a little under 8% of the Canberra population, as of the last census.

I urge you to share your thoughts with them.

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  1. Anonymous22.11.15

    NO - we need to pay back already through Rates, Cotter Dam, Mr Fluffy, Stamp Duty being phased out on property sales over 5 years has to be paid by the Rate Payers. More than enough debt.