Friday, November 27, 2015

Gum trees and light rail - an example in Melbourne

Tram heading towards Bundoora from stop at Plenty Road and Kingsbury Avenue.

The central median of Northbourne Avenue will be used to host the Capital Metro light rail tracks. Many of the existing trees will be removed and replaced with new trees when light rail construction has been completed. Over time, they will grow and become a majestic feature of the avenue into our Nations Capital.

View from footpath at the side of the road. Catenary wires are almost invisible, all I see are trees.

An example indicating how this may look can already be seen. On Plenty Road in Melbourne a light rail line runs down the median strip of a six lane arterial road. It has stops about a kilometre apart. These photos were taken around the tram stop at the intersection of Plenty Road and Kingsbury Avenue in the northern suburb of Reservoir in Melbourne.
Tram pulling away from stop at Plenty Road and Kingsbury Avenue.

Bus interchange servicing several local bus companies and services in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Across the road from this tram stop is a bus interchange. To the left of this interchange is the Latrobe Uni health Centre. Latrobe University is about a two kilometre walk away. It is actually just behind the bus interchange, but its a hike into the main university complex. This doesn't seem to have an impact on patronage, as students use this stop heavily.
Give me a tram among the gum trees!

I can see a tram pulling into the stop! Thank you Google maps. 

Visualising how Northbourne Avenue will look when the current gum trees are replaced can be difficult. I know it wont look pleasant when construction is underway, but trees will grow, and they will look beautiful. Northbourne Avenue will be iconic.  

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