Sunday, February 7, 2016

Alistair Coe struggles to explain reasons for opposing light rail while Malcolm Turnbull endorses ACT Government policy

Canberra Liberals MLA Alistair Coe struggled to explain the reasons for opposing light rail in an interview with ABC Canberra's Virginia Hausegger during the week.

The Canberra Liberals have isolated themselves politically on yet another policy area, with Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull endorsing the ACT Governments taxation reform on stamp duty elimination on the ABC Insiders program. Phasing out stamp duty was another policy (along with light rail) that was supported by the electorate at the 2012 Assembly election.
ABC Canberra TV held an interview with MLA Alistair Coe discussing the breaking of contracts and sovereign risk concerns on 2 Feb 2016
ABC Insiders program interview with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull discussing the benefits of eliminating stamp duty, and pointing out the ACT is the only jurisdiction to attempt it, on 7  Feb 2016

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  1. Ratepayers of Tuggeranong - so let down by the major parties. We'll be paying for this tram for decades to come, stalling forever any major capital expenditure in the southern townships.

  2. Anonymous7.2.16

    Even though the trams doesnt go to Tuggeranong doesn't mean the jobs wont go there.

  3. Anonymous8.2.16

    it will come to tuggers if the geriatric crazies opposing light rail turned their efforts to asking for it to come to tuggers.

  4. Is there any benefit to the CBD and South East Light Rail Project? Is there any benefit to the ACT light rail project? Is there any benefit to the WA light rail project? Is there any benefit to the Inner West Light Rail project? Yes