Saturday, April 30, 2016

Government confirms Capital Metro Stage Two will be an election policy

Facebook page of Tara Cheyne Labor candidate for Ginninderra

Tara Cheyne, Labor candidate for Ginninderra was campaigning at the Belconnen Markets on Saturday April 30th with MLA Meegan Fitzharris, Minister for TAMS (and that includes Capital Metro and ACTION Buses) and Gordon Ramsay. While campaigning, she made a short video on the spot and uploaded it to her facebook page Tara Cheyne - Labor for Ginninderra

Minister Fitzharris briefly lays out the affordable nature of light rail, discussed other transport initiatives like ride sharing and active transport and then revealed that the government would release a Stage Two light rail policy in the lead up to the election. She says that she is looking forward to speaking to people over the coming months about Transport Canberra and the light rail project. 

One thing that Minister Fitzharris said in the video that I think resonates, is this:"No matter where you are we will be getting a transport mode improved for you"
"No matter where you live in Canberra, we are improving transport for you"

In the 90 second video Minister Meegan Fitzharris discussed Transport Canberra, light rail, a range of transport initiatives and the ALP election strategy around light rail.

Minister Fitzharris laid out the way that money will be spent and the small proportion of the total budget that would be going to the light rail contract, saying that "It is an affordable project for our city. " For every 100 dollars spent by the government over a 20 year period she says the government will spend:
35 on health and hospitals,
25 on education and schools,
10 dollars on roads and parks,
1 dollar on light rail

She also said that "No matter where you live in Canberra we are improving transport for you. Light rail will free up one over million bus kilometres which will be redeployed around the city"

"No matter where you are we will be getting a transport mode improved for you"

"We are looking to increase the use of park and ride, and bike and ride, upgrade our walking and cycling facilities, and complement that with new and exciting forms of innovation in transport  like car sharing, ride sharing the community transport options like the flexible bus service"

"Now is our chance to do this incredible project. its a great transport project and its also a great city building project."

"We have committed to a Stage One of Gungahlin to Civic, but we will also be taking to the election a Stage Two, a vote in this election is a vote for light rail stage one and stage two."

"We have spoken to the community about where they would like to see light rail go next through the Light Rail Network Plan and we are really looking forward to pulling all of that feedback together and letting you know that Labor will have a stage two light rail, and we will be taking that to the election"

As well as this website, the facebook group 'Light Rail for Canberra' carries frequent updates on Capital Metro and light rail related news. 

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