Monday, July 4, 2016

Free City Loop bus service launched in Canberra

Dennis Dart midi-bus with bold Transport Canberra branding for dedicated City Loop services
Transport Canberra today launched the new free City Loop service with seven midi buses operating on a circular route around the Civic area. It will run from 7am – 7pm, Monday to Friday with buses around every ten minutes. It is free and does not require a ticket.

It is similar to the highly successful Centenary Loop service that operated several years ago, although this route is focussed on serving the Civic area,  such as the Canberra Centre, the Braddon precinct, Northbourne Avenue, the Australian National University and New Acton precinct, more than the Canberra tourist attractions.

This free loop service also travels to the City Bus Station where you can transfer to other ACTION bus services taking you where you need to go. It stops at:

  • City Bus Station
  • Canberra Theatre 
  • City Walk
  • Braddon South 
  • Braddon North 
  • Northbourne Ave 
  • ANU Bus Station 
  • Marcus Clarke St 
  • NewActon 
  • London Circuit
  • City Bus Station 
The free City Loop service is  also known as route 101, more information can be found here.

As well as this website, the facebook group 'Light Rail for Canberra' carries frequent updates on Capital Metro and light rail related news. 

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