Tuesday, October 4, 2016

If a tree falls on Northbourne Avenue, is light rail to blame?

On the afternoon of 4 October 2016 a severe storm cell swept over Canberra. The local SES reported 116 incidents they attended, mainly due to damage from trees.

This photo is of a eucalyptus tree on Northbourne Avenue, across two lanes of traffic. We can only hope that the tree didn't cause any injuries or damage a persons car when it fell.

Many of the existing eucalyptus trees along Northbourne Avenue are diseased or unsuitable for urban locations, due to a propensity to drop limbs without warning. When light rail construction is finished, the trees that have been removed will be replaced with around 1000 more than there are now.

These trees fall over constantly. They would need replacement, even if light rail wasn't being built.

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  1. Anonymous5.10.16

    Lets hope the government has the sense to plant a different species this time.