Monday, October 3, 2016

Vote for Light Rail signs

With the 2016 Assembly Election in full campaign mode, members of ACT Light Rail donated enough money to buy signs to demonstrate our support for light rail, and the candidates that are campaigning for better public transport.

Although we have only a few thousand of these signs, any light rail supporter can print their own sign and display it. The files are roughly 600x900mm in size when printed, but you can print them at whatever size you desire to display in your home, office or car window. All signs carry appropriate authorisation to conform with the Electoral Act.

You can download them from here (click on links for the PDF files):

Vote for Light Rail
Light Rail and Hospitals - ACT Can do BOTH
Trapped in Traffic? Vote for Light Rail
Future Light Rail station here
Light rail for Belco makes sense
Light rail for Tuggers makes sense
Light rail for Woden makes sense

For more frequent updates on Capital Metro and light rail related news, please visit our Facebook page 'Light Rail for Canberra'.  

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