ACT Transport Studies

On this page are links to resources and ACT transport studies for you to read and form your own opinion. If a link is dead - try the Internet Archive.

If you are aware of any resources or studies we do not have listed, please email us with that information and we will update this page.

We hold paper copies of other reports, but do not have the ability to convert these large reports to PDF at this stage.

Other studies including heavy rail and high speed rail can be found here.

If you are looking for studies where light rail is recommended (including a positive CBA), try the 2009 ACT Govt Submission to IA or the 2012 City to Gungahlin Transit Corridor: Concept Design Report.

Specific Capital Metro documents (issued by the ACT Government) can be found here.

ACT Public Transport Studies, Plans and Policies 

2016 - Keeping Canberra Moving - shortlist of four possible Stage Two light rail routes
2016 - Canberra's Transport Future - bus only public transport policy from the Canberra Liberals
2015 - Light Rail Network Plan draft
2014 - Light Rail Master Plan update - ACT Government
2014 - Capital Metro Business Case (Ernst & Young)
2014 - An Economic and Financial Assessment of the Proposed Gungahlin Light Rail Project - Bob Nairn - commissioned by the Canberra Liberals
2014 - Planning Canberra's Light Rail - Powerpoint presentation accompanying the Bob Nairn report - commissioned by the Canberra Liberals
2013 - Light Rail in Australia - Performance and Prospects - Currie Burke
2013 - Commuter costs and potential savings: public transport versus cars - Wang (data on Canberra travel costs)
2013 - Infrastructure Australia Assessment Brief on 2012 ACT Government Gungahlin Transport Corridor funding
2012 - Transport for Canberra policy page - current ACT Govt transport policies
2012 - Fifty years of public transport planning in Canberra - Paul Mees
2012 - City to Gungahlin Transit Corridor: Concept Design Report (URS)
2011 - Submission to Infrastructure Australia - Northbourne Avenue Rapid  Transit and Urban Renewal - ACT Treasury
2010 - Latent demand for transit: the case of Canberra's proposed LRT - Gordon
2009 - ACT Govt submission to Infrastructure Australia for ACT Light Rail - Price Waterhouse Coopers
2009 - Cost Benefit Analysis of Light Rail in the ACT (part of 2009 IA submission) - Price Waterhouse Coopers
2008 - ACT Government Integrated Transport Framework - ACT Govt
2007 - ACTION Buses and the Sustainable Transport Plan
2004 - Canberra Public Transport Futures Feasibility Study - Kellog Brown Root
2002 - Gungahlin Drive Extension Review - National Capital Authority
2002 - Gungahlin Drive Extension - Information Kit - National Capital Authority
1997 - Canberra at the Crossroads: A way out of the transport mess - Conservation Council
1994 - Accommodating North Canberras Transport Needs - Walker Dunn
1992 - Increasing Car Occupancy in Canberra - Anderson Jepson
1992 - On the Buses in Canberra - Hughes
1991 - Gungahlin's transport links : a report of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Australian Capital Territory 
1983 - Canberra Vehicle Ownership and Travel Options - Wadhwa Dexter
1976 - Transport Research, Planning and Operations within the Department of the Capital Territory - Webb Cooper
1968 - Canberra: A Study of Land Use and Transport - W. Hansen, I.W. Morison
1968 - Canberra's Public Transport Study - D. Kneebone, P.G. Pak-Poy, N.A. Simpson
1962 - Canberra - A review of recent traffic surveys - I.W. Morison

1961 Traffic Survey Map

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