Capital Metro Business Case and Construction reports

Publications and reports issued by Capital Metro can be found on this page.

You can also go directly to the ACT Governments Capital Metro construction updates page here and their reports and studies page here.

Click here for the Oct 2014 Capital Metro Business case:

Capital Metro Business Case - In Full
Capital Metro Business Case - Brief
Capital Metro Business Case - Brochure
Capital Metro Business Case - EOI Documents (31 Oct to 19 Dec)

Capital Metro Consolidated Market Research Findings - (PDF 1.29MB)
Capital Metro 2014-15 Annual Report - (PDF 12.5MB, HTML version)
Capital Metro Arborist Report - (PDF 3.4MB)
Light Rail Integration Study Consultation Report - (Word 496KB)
City to Gungahlin Design Report – (PDF 1.4MB)
Infrastructure Australia Submission – (PDF 3.1MB)
Transport for Canberra – (
Capital Metro Job Creation Analysis – (PDF 1.34MB, Word 7.12MB)
Capital Metro Local Industry Participation Policy - (PDF 158KB, Word 74KB)
Capital Metro Detailed Design Drawings - (PDF 10.9MB)
Capital Metro Engagement Survey Report, June 2014 - (PDF 1.09MB, Word 2.73MB)
Capital Metro Engagement Tracking Survey, December 2014 (PDF 1MB)
Capital Metro Engagement Tracking Survey, August 2015 (PDF 912KB)
Deliberative Forum Summary - (PDF 868KB, Word 39KB)
Capital Metro  2013-14 Annual Report - (PDF 5.2MB)

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