Capital Metro

The Capital Metro project has its own website now at:

It is the ACT government agency overseeing the design, construction and operation of the light rail project linking Civic to Gungahlin.

Capital Metro is in no way affiliated with ACT Light Rail. ACT Light Rail are a public transport lobby group and not a government agency. ACT Light Rail receive no funding from the ACT Government.

Capital Metro - its history....

In the weeks leading to the 2012 Assembly Election, the ACT Labor party made an election promise. That promise was to begin construction of a light rail network in the ACT called 'Capital Metro'.

This has been reported on the ACT Light Rail website at the following:

ALP commits to 'Capital Metro' light rail for Canberra

Now that the election has been determined, ACT Light Rail will update Canberrans on the progress of this policy on this page.

Please check back for updates. 

(page under construction)

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