Light Rail Stage Two to Woden

In September 2016 the ACT Government announced that Stage Two of Canberra's light rail would run from Civic to Woden. It is dependent on the ACT Government being returned at the October 2016 election.

ACT Light Rail covered the announcement: "Light rail Stage Two announced - Off to Woden we go" here.

The following is from the Transport Canberra website:

City to Woden - Stage two light rail

Light rail is coming to Woden

The ACT Government has selected a preferred route for stage 2 of a city-wide light rail network.
Almost 210,000 Canberrans will live, work or study within one kilometre of the Woden corridor by 2041. Planning for this growth will be vital to reducing congestion on our roads and providing commuters with a quick, practical and efficient alternative to driving their cars.
Light rail is coming to Woden map

How was the City to Woden corridor chosen?

Woden to city has been chosen following community feedback on the preferred corridors for light rail development and preliminary investigations by the government.
Other preferred corridors identified through community consultation - Belconnen, the Airport and the Parliamentary Triangle - will remain priority corridors for future stages of the city-wide network.

Why was Woden chosen over the other preferred corridors?

The Woden to city corridor was selected as the most appropriate second stage corridor after we considered community feedback, existing technical constraints and the ACT Government's overarching vision for our city. Light rail to Woden will create a public transport 'spine' for the city, connecting employment hubs, community services and commuters from the north to south.
The Woden to city corridor also gives the ACT Government an opportunity to consider other infrastructure investments in the south and their synergies with light rail.

Has a decision been made on the final route for light rail between Woden and the city?

The final route will be subject to future analysis.
Light rail to Woden will travel through some of our most iconic areas, including the Parliamentary zone, Lake Burley Griffin and State Circle. Despite some of the difficulties the route presents, this government is committed to providing a light rail service for commuters in the south.

What is the cost of stage 2 light rail to Woden?

It is too early to put a price on stage 2 of the light rail network. The cost will depend on the final route which is chosen among other factors.
Building a city-wide light rail network is a significant investment in our city. Any estimated costs will only be released by the ACT Government following detailed analysis of the route and associated capital works.

Will funding from the Australian Government for stage 2 light be considered?

Stage 2 light rail from the city to Woden will benefit the Australian Government as a major employer and landholder in the corridor.
The ACT Government will continue to seek funding and support from the Australian Government for all stages of the city-wide light rail network, at an appropriate time in the future.

Like stage 1, will stage 2 light rail be delivered through a Public Private Partnership (PPP)?

It is too early to confirm what model the Government would use to build further stages of the network, however, a PPP would be one option that may be explored.

Will Canberra Metro build stage 2 as an extension to the stage 1 contract?

Stage 2 to Woden would be connected to Stage 1. However it is too early to determine how it may be procured.

Will light rail vehicles travel from Gungahlin all the way to Woden? Or, will stage 1 vehicles only travel to the City from Gungahlin and stage 2 vehicles only travel from the City to Woden?

There would be logical benefit in continuing to run Gungahlin trams through the city to Woden, providing a public transport 'spine' for our city and bridge the north to the south.
The exact route will be subject to future decisions of government.

Will the light rail to Woden operate on the verge or in the median?

Once an exact route is identified, the ACT Government will look at the opportunities and constraints along the corridor.

What will happen to buses along the corridor?

Buses will continue to provide a vital feeder service for commuters from the suburbs to major transport hubs, such as town centres and key transport corridors.

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  1. That's right - released just before the election to make the claim that a plan was in place to link the Gunghalin proposal and cross the lake - all UN-COSTED and ALL UNKNOWN. More great planning and great 'cart-before-the-horse' thinking. Light Rail = 'feel-good' over fact, or critical analysis, or a real business case.