Canberra and its New Towns - Maps from 1971

In the NCDC publication 'New Towns of Canberra' from 1971, it is clear that a rapid transit network was planned for Canberra and its new towns, including the town of Gungahlin, then 20 years away from being built. Each description of these towns discusses a rapid transit spine served by local feeders. Several describe a combined bus and rapid transit interchange.

Interestingly, these maps do not follow the traditional hub and spoke model favoured by transport planners, and show the rapid transit lines extending beyond town centres, out to the edge of the suburbs, where it would serve most of Canberra's residents.

 A future Canberra as seen by 1971 NCDC planners
 Belconnen as seen by 1971 NCDC planners, note the central rapid transit spine.
 Tuggeranong as seen by NCDC planners in 1971. Also featuring a rapid transit route.
Woden and Weston Creek as 1971 NCC planners saw it. Oddly, no rapid transit route to Weston Creek.

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