2016 ACT Election

Update: This page will be left for reference purposes but not updated after October 2016.
 post-election summary can be found here:

If you want to see light rail built you can help that by supporting candidates that support light rail. Vote for them

Your vote will build light rail for Canberra.

This page records the public transport policies of the major parties contesting the October 2016 ACT Assembly election, and links to the policies where possible. It also links to pro light rail candidates.

ACT Light Rail present the information that assists you in forming your own view. We have no views on any other policy area outside public transport and its relationship to urban planning. We recommend you vote for a candidate that best matches your views on light rail.

ACT Labor - website here
ACT Greens - website here
(more Greens policy material below)

Canberra Liberals - website here
2CC interviewed Transport Minister Meegan Fitzharris and Alistair Coe on 22 Sep 16 - listen here.

The Canberra Times looked at each parties policies one year out in October 2015 here.

You must support a candidate in your electorate that is pro light rail. They are listed below. Click to connect with them.
  • Contact them and offer your support, ask them how you can help
  • Letterboxing, phonebanking, handing out a leaflet
  • Give up a few hours and help deliver light rail for our future. 
Brindabella (Tuggeranong)
Mick Gentleman MLA
Karl Maftoum
Angie Drake - A new voice for Tuggeranong
Michael Mazengarb - Candidate for Brindabella
Taimus Werner-Gibbings
Joy Burch MLA
Ben Murphy
Johnathan Davis - ACT Greens

Ginninderra (Belconnen)
Tara Cheyne - Labor for Ginninderra
Yvette Berry
Chris Bourke MLA
Gordon Ramsay
Indra Esguerra for Ginninderra 2016
Richard Merzian
Jason Chappel - ACT Greens

Kurrajong (Inner north and south)
Andrew Barr ACT Chief Minister
Shane Rattenbury MLA
Rachel Stephen-Smith
Leah Dwyer
Josh Ceramidas
Richard Niven
Rebecca Vassarotti

Murrumbidgee (Woden - Weston)
Chris Steel
Jennifer Newman - Labor for Murrumbidgee
VOTE Mark Kulasingham - Labor for Murrumbidgee
Brendan Long
Caroline Le Couteur Candidate for Murrumbidgee
Bec Cody for Murrumbidgee
Jennifer Faerber
Emma Davidson

Yerrabi (Gungahlin and a few Belconnen suburbs)
Meegan Fitzharris MLA
Deepak Raj Gupta
Jayson Hinder MLA
Suzanne Orr
Michael Pettersson (Labor for Yerrabi)
Veronica Wensing - Candidate for Yerrabi
David Pollard - Independent for Yerrabi 2016
Andrew Braddock - ACT Greens
Tobias Holm - ACT Greens

I have listed the candidates that have told me they support light rail, or have engaged with ACT Light Rail directly. If I am missing a pro light rail candidate please let me know.

Which electorate are you in?
  • Brindabella – contains the district of Tuggeranong (except the suburb of Kambah).
  • Ginninderra – contains the district of Belconnen (except the suburbs of Evatt, Giralang, Kaleen, McKellar and Lawson).
  • Kurrajong – contains the districts of Canberra Central and Majura
  • Murrumbidgee – contains the districts of the Woden Valley, Weston Creek, Molonglo Valley and the Tuggeranong suburb of Kambah.
  • Yerrabi – contains the districts of Gungahlin, Hall and the Belconnen suburbs of Evatt, Giralang, Kaleen, McKellar and Lawson.

The Leaders speak about their public transport policies 
(from Canberra Weekly22 Sep 16)

The ACT Greens emailed this summary of their public transport policies on 29 September:

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