Who are ACT Light Rail?

ACT Light Rail are the peak light rail and public transport lobby group in the Australian Capital Territory. We have members from Community Councils, all political parties, environmental groups and members of the general public. While each member may have different interests and affiliations, we all share a common vision of light rail in Canberra that will enhance our city and the welfare of its residents. 

We believe that light rail offers the best form of mass transit for the ACT, and will serve as the backbone of an integrated public transport system incorporating bus's, park and rides, bicycles and active transport.

The ACT Light Rail committee meet regularly to discuss public transport matters of interest and determine our lobbying activities. We hold public meetings on a regular basis. We often speak to community groups about light rail in Canberra.  

Members of ACT Light Rail have been involved in public transport advocacy in Canberra since the early 1990's. ACT Light Rail was formerly known as the ACT Light Rail Coalition. 

ACT Light Rail Executive Committee

Chair - Damien Haas
Deputy Chair - Ian Ruecroft
Secretary - Jonathon Reynolds

How to join

If you wish to join ACT Light Rail, please contact us at [email protected]

Stay up to date with light rail in Canberra by joining our facebook group!

ACT Light Rail are in no way affiliated with the Capital Metro Agency

For further clarification - ACT Light Rail are lobbying for better public transport - Capital Metro are building it. 

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